Understanding trauma and how it impacts children is crucial to being able to help children learn and grow. In this three-hour training, we will help teachers, staff, and administrators understand trauma, how it impacts children, and give them practical strategies to implement in the classroom. Teachers, staff, and administrators will leave with a better understanding of their students, and will feel equipped to engage challenging behaviors in a way that helps the children learn and grow.

Topics include:

Being Safe vs. Feeling Safe

Risk factors & ACES

Resilience and the importance of relationships

The impacts of trauma and chronic stress on the brain

Finding the need behind behaviors

Meeting the needs of the whole child including:

  • Emotional (connection,empathy, compassion)
  • Physical (sensory, hydration)
  • Educational

Register by
March 30th

$20 for adults

Childcare is not available.


Fri, April 3, 2020
5:00 – 9:00pm
Includes Dinner


NLC Fort Smith
9000 Dallas St
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