About Arkansas Family Alliance

What if we could transform the face of child welfare in our state? What if we could change the trajectory of someone’s life?

Arkansas Family Alliance (AFA) was born out of felt needs in our community, our churches, and our family. Founders Matt and Becca Whitson know the crisis in Arkansas well, from Matt’s sixteen years as a full-time pastor and Becca’s experience as a counselor to their work with DCFS and local child welfare workers. Having adopted three of their four children, they’re familiar with watching a mom say goodbye to her child, the trauma that comes from the loss of one’s birth family, and the challenges of parenting children from hard places. A passion for helping children and families heal drove them to create an organization that does just that.

AFA focuses on three main areas of care:



Helping keep families together by meeting physical needs, mentoring, and training.



Equipping foster youth as they transition into adulthood; training foster and adoptive parents for their unique parenting challenges.



Working to see every child in Arkansas in a family forever.

Connecting Churches to Local Children and Families in Crisis

Through the use of CarePortal, AFA unites the community by working with local child welfare agencies, churches, businesses, and other nonprofits. AFA believes we are better together.

Join the movement. Make a donation.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and your donation will be tax deductible. Our funding is based on the generosity of others. We literally can’t do this without you.